I don’t get what the fuss is about Trump had no idea he would b future president he has been having fun fo years now y is everyone so surprised y do they do this give u the platform then ruin u… All this to not have a woman run the country y’all getting Jus what u wanted a Playmate fo a President 🙄

I’m not a Trump supporter however this like leaving a child with a lighter & telling them not to burn the house down 😒

Kim Kardashian’s Advice To Khloe: Kick Tristan Thompson To The Curb – Hollywood Life

Kim Kardashian is warning Khloe that she needs to kick Tristan Thompson to the curb after he cheated on her!
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Khloé is a grown woman they aren’t married so let her enjoy the baby & deal with Tristan later believe me She knew the man she got with & she got what she wanted & that was her bundle of joy… move on there’s a hungry child somewhere

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