Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Jaden Smith Anymore – ZergNet

Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Jaden Smith Anymore – ZergNet
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Hate to say it cause I absolutely love the Smith Family however they are a tad bit on the different side I get letting yo kids be creative eccentric but sometimes u can’t jus let the kids do whatever they want 2..Like when we were kids we wanted to get tattoos & earrings in our Nose but guess what not til u grown & up out of here our parents would say & stick with it and a lot of time u got 18 u didn’t even want a tat or a nose ring anymore. We have to b our kids Parents not their friends u must pick a side I chose parent & my kids love me for it!! yes I can talk single mom raised kids on government assistant all 3 graduates & productive

Hurricane Harvey Survivors Protests Ben Carson’s Lack Of Effort | Magic 95.5 FM

Hurricane Harvey Survivors Protests Ben Carson’s Lack Of Effort
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Just sad it would b so nice if for once the government would do right by the people if The heal the world song or we r the world & all the other pleas to get the thumb off people & start giving, open up the federal reserve & Give the people what they want y’all made these rules so I feel they can be broken to fix these issues of oppression..We are all Gods people that he gave us this earth to live in peace on & the people have destroyed it with all the greed evolving shouldn’t have meant kill everyone that doesn’t go with the program the land was free wasn’t no deeds & taxes until MAN came along with their ideas to Rule the FREE World..

Kris Jenner Had Tristan Start True Thompson’s $10M Trust Fund: Report – Hollywood Life

Kris Jenner reportedly forced Tristan Thompson to sign a contract that requires him to put $10 million in a trust for his daughter.
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They aren’t married u can’t hold a man to he’s words please promises r made to b broken so now your jus a baby mama thas her fault fo waiting so long to b a mom to Man that didn’t totally commit get over it & welcome to da Baby mama club!

Cardi B Loved Stripping: It Paid For My ‘Boob Job’ & More: ‘Ellen’ Interview – Hollywood Life

Cardi B admits she loved stripped despite what people think! She told Ellen DeGeneres that it helped fund her apartment, her boob job and ultimately, her rap dream!
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It’s not where you start that matters.. It’s where u end up…Cardi didn’t give up on herself kept at & look at her now… she says it best herself knock me down 9xs I get back up 10! Love her❤️