This is a big problem

If everyone was happy wouldn’t no1 need a gun… It’s time to start a Hugs no Guns campaign enough is enough…Start building people up instead of tearing them down & jus it will soften the soul.. The good Book says Thou shall not kill love thy neighbor when will we ever honestly live by that!!


Kim Kardashian’s Anniversary Gift For Kanye West Revealed– Details – Hollywood Life

Kim Kardashian’s anniversary gift for Kanye West has been revealed. Find out why she’s giving him sexy nude selfies.
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Not 352 pages of SELFIES thas bein a tad bit obsessive with self ?? Bad gift idea wit everything he goin thru how about a nice romantic get away Jus the 2 of them doing all the things he’s mom like to do wear her favorite color ease he’s mind..

Snoop Dogg Not Scared Of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West After Instagram Diss – Hollywood Life

Snoop Dogg is not afraid of Kanye West coming for him after he appeared to blame Kim Kardashian for all of Yeezy’s odd behavior.
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He so right about dat u gota have the type of woman that will turn into yo Momma if she has 2 ain’t gone put up with the foolishness it’s always nice to have a good voice of reason on yo side.. Those YES to everything kinda of people will let you self destruct we’ve seen it happen many times. Not making any excuses but after the passing of his mother is when I feel he has start spiraling out of control