I love Jaden…And as long as he is happy with whomever its with is his business.. To get a breaking news notification was totally unnecessary…

‘Please Tay Tay:’ Tamar Braxton Has Fans Begging Her to Stop Messing with Her Face

Tamar Braxton continues to make the rounds performing in Snoop Dogg’s play “Redemption of a Dogg” and some new rehearsal footage has fans once again wondering about some work she may have had done. Braxton recently filmed herself looking dressed down as she sang her 2015 song “King.” The clip was shared on a “Braxton
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I don’t kno y anyone would mess up they face and they are so beautiful.. It’s like what mirror is she looking in??? Who are her friends?? Real friends wouldn’t let u do this to yoself… Sad when u think changing yo appearance will change who u are.. U still U Boo!

‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star Tommie Lee Arrested (Again) for Allegedly Smashing Her Child’s Head Into a School Locker | lovebscott.com

‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star Tommie Lee Arrested (Again) for Allegedly Smashing Her Child’s Head Into a School Locker | lovebscott.com
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Thas so not cool when I was in middle school 1986.. I forged a hall pass and got in school suspension my mother got the notice in the mail.. She walked to the school got me out of class punched me in the face in front on the principal smacked me around hollering at me down the hall & we began to walk back home a concerned neighbor called the police they came drove along side me and my mother as she continued to beat me with a stick she picked up police did absolutely nothing…Boy how times have changed I used to call children services on my mother & they refused to remove me from her home my grandmother finally couldn’t take me bein abused anymore and saved me from my very abusive drug addicted mother…

More Messy Details Reportedly Emerge From Male Accuser In Usher’s Herpes Lawsuit

This whole situation is a doozy!
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How can these accusers narrow it down to Usher given them herpes when they are having random unprotected sex.. Whose to say if they didn’t already have the virus and trying to extort money from him.. In my opinion case should b dismissed due to the fact having unprotected sex should be held to your own accountability not someone else’s.. It’s really like trying to sue someone who got you pregnant u didn’t kno it was gone happen but u took the chance anyway.. IJS🤷🏼‍♀️ The news here is MALE ACCUSER so wait USHERS bi??? 👀😲💀😒

The burning question: This rapper confirmed to have herpes – Rolling Out

NBA Youngboy Never Broke Again shockingly confessed on a new song, “Can’t Be Saved”, that he has “herpes in his blood” and his ex-girl confirms it for fans.
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Well anyone who gets cold sores have herpes.. 1&2 only indicates the location sooooooo it’s not very few who can talk about anyone having this STD!!


Whas sooooooooooo unbelievable to me is y’all got 35M to give someone for entertainment but can’t house & feed da poor Thas disturbing..Paying these athletes & actors like they God ain’t no way y’all have truly lost touch with reality.. If he worth 35 Million so am I where’s my money??? What makes his value worth all this money to perform I work hard everyday fo peanuts & he’s worth 35 million is appalling..