Anyone who doesn’t get why he was kneeling has to be racist themselves and ok with the current situation of the way people are being treated under this flag..One nation under God we are not the words don’t go with the circumstances but yet we should honor goin against why he kneeling means u don’t care some veterans are homeless and hungry ok with border patrol children being taken away parents.. segregated by area codes, gender, pay rates, ok with unarmed citizens being gun down by police and fake neighborhood watch.. Speaks volumes as to why we are so divided only white privileged would b ok with whas going on in America instead of making it great again we are jus about back where we started..The backlash Nike is getting hopefully pushes them to a higher agenda seems folks our upset cause they are on the under dog side and Im sooooo happy to see that it these types of good white folks we need to make the difference.. Prayerfully they will Just DO IT!

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