Homeless Man Asks McDonald’s for Job. When They Tell Him His Beard Is a Problem, An Officer Steps in to Help

‘We’re not barbers but we do specialize in helping people.’
— Read on dearly.com/2018/07/86629-officer-shaves-homeless-mans-beard/amp/

McDonalds will always b my favorite fast food chain they have been the only business I’ve actually do some good in the hood gave away free coats to all the kids in the city of Youngstown.. they can get my change for the Ronald McDonald House u can see that they truly care about the world much love and respect


Going through this right now with my middle child he always comparing how I treat my oldest & youngest against him… And what he seems to not realize is I love them all the same the fact he acts out due to his jealousy I respond by not giving in to the tantrum and by that he thinks I don’t care which I do jus will not be bullied or intimidated when things don’t go his way.. He is 24 yrs old now and still cries about what I do & Dont do for him.. I’m so over it that I’ve decided he is a grown man it’s time I finally cut the cord he’s on his own now..