Cavs Championship Parade

Fun day with the Cavs ❤️

Double Standards…

The Me2 movement is in full effect and a woman willingly running around naked in Support of her favorite team could make a person question credibility..What kills me the most is Jerry Springer has been given out Jerry beads since the Show began whose bright idea was that and it literally has been on Daytime TV holding down the #1 spot yet nobody thinks Thas sexual harassment???? Not 1 woman on the board found that degrading and sexist??? Jerry said I want women to bounce around showing their breast for some beads and no flags were thrown on the decision to make dat da BRAND??? Y can Jerry do it Day in and Day out and b untouchable cuz if wanting to see women’s titties isn’t Suspect Perv then explain what is????

He is absolutely right.. The fact dat they knew he married Aaliyah now all this.. Woman are still using their pussy power card as well cuz why after the first assault would u go back ain’t noway if I was violated I would’ve returned… Yes he was a dream crusher using his status to manipulate the naive.. I’m still trying to wrap my head around young girls with access to a lot of freedom to do as they please cuz ain’t noway I could’ve got any of this nonsense pass my grandmother and believe me I roamed until I knew them street lights were coming on and yes I flirted with the older boys especially the bad ones getting money around town but I promise u I knew my limits cuz ain’t noway my grand could get wind of my fast tell behavior..I learned early to always stand up for myself and to not let anybody take advantage of me to always demand respect and I thank God every day I was raised with morals values and self respect and to never put anything or anybody before my love for God and myself!! We give these celebrities to much Power and Prestige when they piss shit and gone live ta die jus like the rest of us!!

Jus why I’m no longer on any social media outlets… Who da hell yall calling a Troll I cannot stand the term especially when money don’t make them no better than me.. yes I indulge in celebrity life however I will not b labeled a damn Troll!!🤬

Well I got whooped with switches, belts, cords, slapped upside my head hell my mother even broke my arm… I called child services on her countless times and I was still left in the home until my grandmother got custody of me.. And jus because I moved didn’t mean being disciplined changed she whooped my butt too if I got out of line& I’m so glad she did taught me morals values and self respect and if it came in a form of physical beat down so be it.. I whooped mines 2 & they all graduated productive citizens in this society and I don’t think I would’ve been able to accomplish that without the Joe Jackson way.. Spare the rod spoil the child & Thas facts